Who would have thought, a delicious left-over meal?

Tonight Diane brought to the table the remainder of the wonderful Spanish meal that we so enjoyed two nights ago: artichokes filled with very finely chopped vegetables and then topped with mayonnaise, a special dish of Spanish fried bread pieces called Megas de Pan and the main course, Paella.


The artichokes are a special treat for me and Diane prepares them first rate. I have never made them; there are dishes that are mine, few in number and dishes that are hers, many more in number. I am not sure how she prepares it but she uses pickled artichokes, easier that way, finely chopped vegetables sprinkled over the mayonnaise that fills the centre of the choke.  I would think that this dish is a Tapas dish but that is only speculation.

The Migas are roughly the American equivalent of the toasted and flavoured bread pieces that are used as Turkey stuffing at Thanksgiving.  They are pieces of day-old bread (half inch or 1cm) that have been fried in flavoured olive oil.  The only disagreement Diane and I have is the size of the Migas.  We ate breakfast at a Parador in northern Spain and as I remember the Migas were much larger an inch and half (3 cm.) but that may just have been at breakfast.


The remainder of the meal was the delicious Paella that we had eaten earlier in the week.  It was even better this time!

She followed this meal with her usual salad.

The beverage imbibed was our usual De Botolli box wine of chilled white.

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