Last night we enjoyed an excellent meal that was another of our 2—5 diet meals. We monitored this excellent way of watching our calorie intake throughout the day by just cutting down two days out of seven with the other five days normal eating.  Supplementing this 2—5 method of eating is an eating plan that we have been using named the Mediterranean Diet.  It is not a diet but a way of eating  and for decades and it has served us well except when we do not follow its very minimal food guidelines which are: fish and poultry, vegetables and green salads and olive oil.  There are books of dinners to be made around these ingredients so lack of dinner makings is certainly open.


Diane made a dish that I have made numerous times last winter and spring; it is very easy and providing the fish is fresh and of quality your dinner will be superb. The type of fish is a prerequisite for an excellent meal.  I limit myself to Patagonian Toothfish and Orange Roughy because of the flavour.  I just fill the bottom of a medium baking dish with sliced mushrooms then pieces of tomato and finally I chop a shallot which I sprinkle over the mushroom tomato mix before laying the fish fillets on this bed.  The final step is to heat some stock which is poured over the fish just covering the mushrooms.  Cook in our oven at 180 degrees for 15 to 25 minutes depending on the thickness of the fish.

Diane made a side of peas and corn mixed and a spinach leaf salad to finish. As a beverage we “enjoyed” a glass or two of water.

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