Friday night is Party Night and we started it in the usual fashion with a Wild Turkey Manhattan that would do the barkeeps at any first class hotel very proud. Diane, besides being the best barkeep in Perth, makes a mean antipasto of her own pesto spread on New Norcia sour dough bread after the bread has been fried on our grill pan.

Diane bought a punnet of Swiss Brown mushrooms in her shopping that day and I sliced the entire punnet and Di fried them in butter the French way. They tasted superb and they are one of my fasvourite side dishes.

Things have been a little active (read very active) around here and the chef picked up a local package of lasagne with minced beef between the layers. She divided the contents into two and we enjoyed a very tasty and easy meal for the overworked chef. 

The beverage for the meal was an inexpensive Borgo SanLeo Chianti. We do not know why the wine is priced so low.  It is DOCG Chianti and we can only relish our good fortune that it is available here for a reasonable price; it certainly suited the meal.  

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