Again I offer my apologies to my multitude (sorry, bad joke) of readers for being a day late on my diary; things get too fulsome regarding activities around Leeming and I cannot keep up with my Daily Food Diary.

Having said that I relate Day Two of the 2—5 Diet which was as good as earlier fish days because the fish that Di had purchased was perfect for a fish bake. At our local IGA she found a frozen packet of New Zealand Blue Grenadier which, like the now disappeared Patagonian Toothfish, is a cold water fish that appeals to our sense of taste.

I find the recipes on the packaging of the purchased product to have decent recipes for the particular product that is being used. In the case of the Blue Grenadier it called for a breadcrumb mixture of butter, parsley, lemon zest and dill.  I skewed up by forgetting that fish fillets need only be covered on one side when they are being baked as opposed to both sides when fried but the quality of the fish saved the cook from disgrace.  The Grenadier was a great tasting fish and being breaded on both sides did not mask its flavour.

As usual I made a simple salad with none of the caloric ingredients that endear me to green salads; it was very tasty anyway. We had excellent cold water as our beverage.


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