The meal got off to a special start because we enjoyed one of Diane’s special Wild Turkey Manhattans; after that almost anything would taste good. As always she gave us a little plate of dried olives, bits of cheese and a pepper filled with soft cheese.

Last night was Party Night and Diane, lovely lady that she is, asked me what I would like to eat. I asked her for something that she had made earlier and it tasted so good that I asked her to make it again last night.   She thought that it was a very good idea because she enjoyed it as much as I did.  The dish was not a new culinary difficulty but something that is easily purchased at many intersections here in Australia. She puts a special stamp on hers though:  the ordinary hamburger.  We had some of that good mince left from the Fremantle Market to which she added some supermarket mince to add a little fat for juiciness; the supermarket mince is of poorer quality and the burgers are not as tasty. 

I am not sure of all the extras that she adds to the meat or the buns. This I am reasonably sure of: chopped onion in the mince before frying, mayo with a little Dijon mustard on the bottom of the bun and two layers of local strong cheese on top for me.  The bun can either be a soft Turkish one or a regular white one, as long as it is soft.  I hate eating a hard surfaced bun because all of the insides of the sandwich comes out the side and you end up eating the two pieces of bun rather than the entire sandwich.

We shared a bottle Argentine Santa Julia Malbec. We did not think it was as good as the bottle write up led us to believe.

The meal continued on later in the night when I enjoyed one of my favourite dessert dishes: New Orleans’s Banana’s Foster. It is a very simple recipe composed of: bananas, brown sugar, cinnamon, banana liquor and flamed with brandy just before serving. 

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