We had quite a different evening last night. We “discovered” a new restaurant that has been open about 1 year at least and it is at our other shopping centre about one kilometre away from our house.  It is a Chinese—Malaysian place with a chef from one of Perth’s swankiest restaurants; believe it or not Perth gets some very cashed up guys who fly down from South East Asia to gamble ant our hotel so they want to eat as good as they did in Singapore-Kuala Lampur-Bangkok and most of those guys are Chinese.

The obvious question is why he moved from his high class hotel-restaurant to a quiet place like Leeming. This is a very good question; my only answer is speculative: boredom, fired because he was no good (most unlikely), wanted to own his own place, had a fight with the boss, wanted to Down Size or ???  Their loss our gain.

We had Peking Duck which is one of my world best dishes. The half duck (only two of us) was divided as you guys know into three courses: the roasted skin and underlying meat that you put on a thin pancake with a slice of cucumber or spring onion after the duck has been given a small spoon of sauce.

The second course was a broth of the duck bones and selected vegetables.

The third course was a choice of one of four dishes made from the remainder of the duck cut up into small pieces plus your choice of accompaniment.

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