Again I missed a day of the Food Diary because yesterday was too busy; however, the meal that we had was a Food Hall meal before our play at the State Theatre. The Old Shanghai Food Hall served me a Singapore Curry that should have been better but Diane enjoyed her Mee Goreng.  The play was better than the meal but as Weir used to say,”Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Now we are up to Party Night which always falls on Friday here in Leeming and as usual Diane worked her magic and prepared a delicious meal. The beginning was her excellent Wild Turkey Manhattan accompanied by a plate of Spinach-Feta Pastizi that melded beautifully with our second course of Agnolotti with Pesto. Our main course was a beauty: a whole baked Bireme filled with fresh herbs and capers.  Diane was disappointed in the taste of the fish but I found it very satisfying.

We accompanied this delicious meal with an equally delicious bottle of Abbazia Monte Oliveto Vernaccia San Gimignano.  Once again an inexpensive wine from an estate first planted in 1340.  I love Italian whites and this wine from the so-called medieval Manhattan certainly does nothing to detract from that love.  

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