Our meal last night was different and in its own way somewhat memorable. Accidently we saw a new product display at the local Woolies.  The Indian company, Street Kitchen—Authentic Indian Dhaba Cuisine were selling approximately 12 different varieties of Indian curries and I chose Coconut Chicken Chettinad which was totally new to me.  I needed to provide: Fresh Chicken, Basmanti Rice, Vegetable oil and Coconut Milk.  As anyone who has cooked curries before knows the number and type of spices is the hard bit: these ingredients are easy.  For that reason I offer no apologies for making a packaged curry.  Gathering all the spices, making the dish and hoping that the spices do not get old and lose their flavour until next time is always a problem; packaged this way solves a number of problems.

With the Chettinad we served, again, a package of Dal. To be precise, Jodhpur Yellow Dal that came in a sealed package that needed only five minutes in boiling water.

Served with the first two dishes was another easy dish: a bread called Chapatti which is a thin flat bread but not dry as are the Middle Eastern flat breads.  

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