We had a nice, easy day yesterday with a little shopping for other Indian cooking items, some scrutinizing of the offerings of a new fish shop at Southland’s Centre and a lunch at a new Japanese  lunch/dinner shop that seems to have gained a clientele in just the few days that it has been open. 

Therefore last night was a reasonably easy old favourite with us: Diane made a small but tasty hors-d’oeuve plate of her tapenade spread on the delicious sour dough bread that she has frozen since its purchase several days ago, some small pieces of prosciutto, small pieces of cheese whose origin and kind I do not know and some of those delicious dried black olives.  As a note: I tried some store made oven dried black olives the other day and they did not make the grade in any way.

Our main course was a coloured, olive impregnated green, pale red from tomatoes and normal pale olive leave pasta with broccoli and a stock sauce.

Diane’s salad was spinach leaf with stuffed green olives for me and black ones for her (still pretty dietary).  

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