An Indian evening of curry, pickle, chapattis and lentils was the Johnson’s delight last night. We repeated the Goan fish curry of some meals previous with the other half of the ingredients therefore (obviously!) giving us two meals from the packet and the fish.  It makes for a reasonably cheap meal but not, as you might think, an easy meal.  Diane has taken it upon herself to prepare this Indian meal and finds organizing the ingredients in the various packets plus the needed additions to be more than a little daunting.   She is such a good cook that she either knows the various recipes or she simply invents the dish as she goes; the difficult part for her is bringing all of these various parts together.

We used an ingredient that we have been leery of simply because we did not understand the word: pickle does not mean a cucumber that has been “pickled” for a certain amount of time, rather it means a sauce that is an addition to whatever dish you want to flavour up a bit. However, it is not a dry spice that you can shake out of a jar: it is wet and can either be thick or thin and of many different flavours and best of all they can be purchased so they need not be made at home.  They can also come very hot or much less so depending on your taste.

As a beverage I would recommend a soft drink or a beer; wine plays no role in Indian cuisine.


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  1. ddollzden says:

    I have never been able to cook Indian food that tastes authentic until Tim found this brand called Street Kitchen and it supplies the spices sauces to make up some delicious food.

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