Last night was a return to our 2—5 Diet with Tuesday being the first night of the two diet days. I have found that eating fish on these diet days is very good as a low cal main meal for dinner as well as cutting back to modest eating during the day.  We enjoyed the Ling Cod fillets last Thursday so we repeated the same fish type yesterday after a stop at the local fish monger.  Although this Ling was local Australian fish and not deep sea cold fish like our previous type it still tasted as good and will definitely be one of our regular buys.

I prepared the fish as I have in the past but using Diane’s “tweaks” to the recipe to bring out flavour as well as easing preparation. She would prepare the mushrooms and tomatoes as I had done but she would add a mixture of wine and stock and cook the resulting mixture for ten minutes in the oven before adding the fillets on top of the mixture then cooking for a minimum of 15 minutes adding more time if the fillets are particularly thick.

Before the main course I had a small bowl of frozen peas & corn that only needed heating; Di had a bowl of broccoli if my memory is correct.

She also had a glass of box wine while I enjoyed a glass or two of cold water.

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