Last night was a fish diet night for dinner; however, I cannot tell you the variety of fish but it was truly remarkable: light, easily flaked and very tasty. We will have to go back to the monger’s shop in order to ask the attendant if she remembers the type of fish.  It was West Australian because the owner will not sell any imported fish.  The attendant told Diane last week that the owner has sold wholesale fish during his business life but has always wanted to have a retail business.  He took over another fish shop in the same premises that had gone bust; he seems to be doing quite well though.

Our meal was on the light side because it was a diet night: still delicious though. Diane prepared this unknown fish using a Cajun recipe that she now just works it as it happens.  The recipe will be known by any Southerner or anybody who cooks Cajun food or even New Orleans’s food: it is called Blackened Fish.  The recipe for the seasoning is one those “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”.  However, Diane’s special mixture is even easier: she uses a Table spoon of flour with a Table spoon of store bought Cajun spice.  She puts it in a bag, shakes it well and fries the resulting fish in a hot skillet for just minutes.  We have enjoyed it often in the past but this particular unknown fish type was the best.  I also had a bowl of corn and peas while Diane enjoyed some sliced fried zucchini .

Diane enjoyed a glass of the finest box wine while I enjoyed a glass of the clearest Tap water.

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