A simple meal: Store bought Pizza (with a measure of home doctoring)

Although it was a Diet Night Diane needed a break from cooking and I tried to get organized but failed; therefore, the logical move was into the fridge for a frozen pizza. Di knows how to doctor a cheap frozen pizza so that it ends up tasting excellent no matter how slim the original taste when it comes out of the box. This pizza, a fulsome salad, a glass or two of box wine and an excellent meal was made.

Linguine with Prawns and Scallops

As a beginning to our wonderful meal Diane served an antipasto plate of: hard cheese, Ligurian olives, cherry tomatoes and small pieces of toast spread with olive paste.
The Food Fairy came onto my dinner plate last night and left me, only because I have been exceptionally good, a pasta feast that would have cost me far too much had I been unlucky enough to purchase it in a restaurant here in Perth. However I am married to the best chef anyway she and I enjoyed her marvellous linguine with pawns and scallops in a delicious light cream sauce.

Our dessert was the very non-Italian but none the less delicious Banana’s Foster with a scoop of her homemade icecream.

Left-overs are good!

Last night we had two sets of left-overs combined: German sauce and the second half of the store roasted chicken.

Diane made several slices of bread pieces with her always delicious olive tapenade spread on the quickly toasted bread. It is an easy and always very tasty entrance into a meal.

The main course was the left-over half chicken that we enjoyed a few days earlier. Tonight rather than putting the mustard sauce on the Kasseler pork chops the sauce went on the remainder of the roast chicken and tasted excellent. The sauce was very simple. It needed only Dijon mustard, sugar, wine vinegar, vegetable oil and water. Ao simple yet so good.

WE had a small cleansing salad and two glasses of box white as our beverage.

Diane visited a German deli in the German restaurant in which she ate Wed.

Yesterday evening we had a marvellous German meal made from the products Diane bought at the German restaurant/deli were the ladies had their Carer’s Meeting. The Carer’s are those fabulous people that take care of people whose MS has progressed to the point that the sufferer needs considerable care and I unfortunately have fallen into that category since the TN attack last November. Anyway, on to the food.

Diane started the meal (a postponed Friday Night Party) with a superb Sidecar with a delicious market product: Pastizzi of feta and spinach in a very light dough case.
This little Hors-d’oeuvre served hot was perfect with the Sidecar.
After this beginning Diane served a plate (only one potato each) of Royal Blue fries.
As if all of that is not enough, she served us each one Beechwood smoked Kasseler Pork Chop with Elmer’s Mustard Sauce. Along with the chop she served Red Cabbage Sauerkraut with onions. Also on the plate was a serve of Spaetzles topped with a gremolata of breadcrumbs, onion, pancetta, parsley and garlic.
And for dessert at the male’s request (I am sure that it has something to do with Germany) an excellent New Orleans’s recipe: Banana’s Foster with the Chef’s own ice cream. She makes it with: Vanilla, Walnuts and Banana liquor.
That’s enough for a party I think.

Before hearing an “Old Rock and Roll” band we had a store roast chook.

Before going to the Hilton Bowling Club and listening to Norm’s band Diane had earlier purchased a roast chicken at the market across the street and we had half of it plus her roasted root vegetables for a quick and tasty meal. A perfect meal for a Party Night that proved to be different from most Party Nights; the Night was being moved to tonight. It always surprises me how good these roast chooks from the supermarket taste.

The Diet Free Day Between Tues. & Thur. for the enjoyment of Penne.

Last night was the “normal” eats day and we did not go extravagant but we did enjoy a little normal eating. With that in mind Diane fixed a repeat of that delicious penne meal that she made earlier. We had some more of those great reheated roast vegetables and that and a small spinach salad was enough to finish the table meal. We had two glasses of box red as a beverage followed by one Perugina Baci chocolate for desert.

2–5 Diet with Ling Cod on a Bed of Chopped Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Last night was the Tuesday of the 2—5 Diet and I prepared two pieces of Ling Cod on a bed of precooked chopped Tomatoes and Mushrooms that had been spread with chopped Shallots. This mixture of vegetables is cooked for about 15 minutes in a bath of heated stock before the fillets are placed on them. Depending on the thickness of the fillets they are then cooked in the oven for about 12 to 20 minutes in a medium oven.

With this fish we also had batons of selected root vegetables: turnips, carrots, parsnips, sliced potatoes and large pieces of mushroom. This mixture was distributed in a baking dish with garlic pieces distributed over the vegetables and long rosemary stems laid on top. I got the idea, as simple as it is, from Jamie Oliver’s early TV shows where he did it for tables of friends that came over to his place for a feed during the winter months.

We skipped the salad because of the roasted vegetables and I had a glass of cold winter water.