Last night’s meal began with a very small bottle of Henkel Bubbly with a dish of olives to accompany.

We then moved on to the main course which was two Choke Thighs with a piece of butter into which I had pressed chopped fresh parsley and marjoram and then placed in the boned thigh. I rolled the thigh up while on a slice of prosciutto.  The prosciutto held together thus securing the thigh.  I then placed both thighs into a shallow buttered ceramic baking tray, set the oven at high medium and baked for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile Diane made ¼ cup of rice which had been slightly fried in butter and oil. She then heated a cup of frozen peas and corn as a side.

While she did that I made a Spinach salad with sliced cherry tomatoes and olives.

The beverage was a lovely Mandoleto white Catarratto wine from Sicily.  The red was from the same producer that I purchased a case of the other day and it tasted equally as good but I love these south Italian whites even more than the reds.

The dessert for after dinner was an ice cream that Diane makes: Banana Walnut with Choc Bits.

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