Unfortunately a day lost because of the 24 hour bug

Ah, besides losing one dinner when I woke up long enough to eat two slices of toasted bread that dear sweet Diane brought me, I have nothing that would in any way constitute a meal.
That brings us to yesterday when I was back to normal and we were able to see an excellent West Australian play at the Heath Ledger Theatre called Dust and we had to find a new restaurant since our old favourite had closed. We tried Han’s in Forest Chase and I found it very good: Diane less so. Unfortunately this restaurant does not serve Prawn Toast but their Spring Rolls tasted fresh and the fish I ordered was very good. The Takeaway menu Han’s Fish Chilli at $16.95 and I do not remember it being a different price in the cafe. Diane had Char Kway Teow at $10.95 plus a bottle of Han’s select House Wine at some price because Di paid. It was a good meal and until another place opens in the now closed Old Saigon then this will be our cafe of choice.

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