Last night was a Party Night and we sure had a party! I have apologized to Diane that parties always fall on her shoulders but she does them so well. That is truly against her because so many guys use that as a simple excuse to get out of work; in this case however it is TRUE and it bothers me every Friday but hey, you can’t beat yourself up when the party ends up so well!
This is how it developed: her signature Wild Turkey Manhattan accompanied by olives and a Pastizzi apiece. Then slides from a trip we made to the States back in ’82 when (I think) Iowa played Oregon State in the Rose Bowl and that years Rose Parade.
After that we had potato gnocchi with Gorgonzola sauce.
After all these good things the main course arrives: Steak Diane, the rump steak purchased at the Fremantle Markets earlier that week, Roasted Vegies. A cleansing salad followed.
For our beverage, yesterday being July 4th, we had the only American wine imported into WA: Kendall—Jackson from Santa Rosa (an excellent home for a wine!).
I am still smiling after such a party (perhaps anybody, those few, which read this blog will understand why I should permanently stay out of the kitchen).

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