Last night was a soft evening food wise but a sweetie wine wise. I bought a box of a new wine at a very inexpensive price but was assured by the notice sent out by the store that it was far better than this price would indicate. I know, I know the brochure sent out said that the Titanic was unsinkable also but there is room for movement. The wine was good, not very good but good for the price.
Diane heated us another Pastizzi as in our previous one earlier in the week. Their appearance on our table has a great deal to do with, “I don’t know”. It could be a broken down factory, a broken down Nullarbor train or more likely we have not returned frequently enough to the market.
After this yummy beginning we had one of my favourite pastas: the multi-coloured olive leaf pasta. Diane paired this pasta with a tomato based sauce.
This main course was followed by our standard cleansing green salad.
Our meal although primarily Italian was followed by one of the new French wines just because I was so anxious to try it: Fortant Cabernet Sauvignon. It is from a good vintner in the Pays D’OC (the south-western part of France.

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