Sunday is pasta/pizza night here in Leeming so Diane made her own pizza but the dough was not to her liking. She said that she put a little too much baking powder in the mix so the dough rose too much and therefore had lost the taste as well as being too thick. People know that dough is a tricky thing to work with: a little bit added or subtracted or the dough worked too long means that you have dough that can be for one job but not another and so it was last night.
The topping for her pizza was simple: olives, cheese and anchovies on the usual tomato base. It was certainly filling if not memorable.
I had a bottle of Nastro Azzurro beer with the pizza. I bought on line a box of 12 Sicilian wines and as a sweetener they threw in 12 bottles of this beer with the other sweetener being that the bottles are equal to a bottle and a half; the box was $10.00 which is indeed a sweetener around here. As a rule I don’t drink beer, maybe 10 or 12 bottles a year but this offer was too good to pass up plus the wine tasted very good to me particularly the white.
That was last night and tonight is going to be a doozy (my spell-check is having trouble with that language use) therefore the kitchen awaits.

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