Tuesday is Diet Night.

Our dinner last night had to be a quiet affair after that superb Russian meal the night before. Also it was the first diet night of the week but we could anticipate Diane’s delicious Creole Blackened Fish. Again we bought the very fresh John Dory from the monger in the centre and the fish was as good as it was last week.
To begin the meal Diane always prepares a vegetable of some kind: they are always good regardless of the type. This night she chose a half of fennel bulb that she braised and added a little bread crumb to the top after it was cooked.
After this tasty beginning she brought the John Dory to the table; we many times only have one item on the plate and she would rather serve the items separately rather than crowding the plate with them. I admit that I prefer it this way because then you can concentrate on only one taste. In the old days I remember eating in places where you were meant to put several meats, servings of vegetables and then pile a whopping big serve of salad on top. I ended up spending a good deal of dinner trying, usually unsuccessfully, to separate the various items.
Di prepared an excellent salad with: her own croutons, halved olives, a sprinkling of broken nuts and as well as a sprinkling of sweetened cranberries all on top of a bed of fresh spinach.
I washed all of this down with a half glass of box white.

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