Polpettone alla Toscana

Once again last night we had a very good warming meal for a cold winter’s evening. Diane fixed us an excellent meal with a different twist: we had meatloaf but made as the Italian Tuscans make it. Meatloaf is well known to most kids in the States but the Tuscans change it just a bit. Besides the standard breadcrumbs, garlic, egg yolk and butter the Tuscans also add some other ingredients. They add: mushrooms, milk, minced prosciutto, grated parmesan and dry white wine. These ingredients change the taste and put it into another food category all together. Also, rather than using dried breadcrumbs, the Tuscans use a small piece of good quality white bread with the crust removed. This bread is heated with milk, mashed together and added to the meat with other ingredients and cooked over a low heat for one hour.
Diane served me a bowl of mixed peas and corm while she had another unidentifiable vegetable.
We both enjoyed one of her mixed toppings over spinach leaves salads.
Our beverage of choice was a shared (with some remaining) bottle of inexpensive Rocca Ventosa Sangiovese.

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