Leftover Polpetone is better than its first serving.

Last Night was Party Night here in Leeming and, thanks to lovely Diane, we enjoyed it to the max. She started us off with an excellent very dry Martini which was accompanied by one of those delicious Pastizzis. Further, our slides of Romanesque art in France gained a look because Stage 8 of the Tour de France ended in Nancy the home of our friend Joelle.
This delicious and invigorating (both mentally and physically) start to our meal led to the next course, a soup course, that featured an excellent but under enjoyed: Garlic Soup with French bread that we had bought at the market early in the day after the movie.
After this delicious soup the main course arrived: the leftover Popettone with its delicious mushroom sauce. With it Diane made an excellent dish of Braised Brussels Sprouts. Believe me if a woman can cook Brussels Sprouts for her husband so he thinks they are this good then they are indeed this good.
All of this was followed by her cleansing salad.
After visiting the Fremantle Markets we had to have a cheese course. We enjoyed: Gruyere, Comte’, Havarti and a French brie-Le De’lice des Cre’miers. We enjoyed the cheese with a Baguette with Fennel/Fig Paste.
Our beverage of choice was a bottle of inexpensive yet good, southern French wine from the Pays D’OC, Fortant Cabernet Sauvignon. All of this tremendous food from Beautiful Diane’s kitchen was laid before us as we watched this stage of the Tour de France. Can’t get much better!

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