A Chesse Souffle From Paule Caillat’s Cooking School in Paris.

Diane attended three of Paule’s Cooking classes in different years and this is one of a number of dishes that she taught those that were in her classes. The day that Diane made this wonderful meal was Bastille Day or the day of the start of the French Revolution
Diane used Paules’ recipe last night but anyone who has attempted a Soufflé will know immediately that there is much more to cooking a proper soufflé than merely following a recipe. The recipe tells you the basics but it is the techniques that will deliver the correct dish.
Paule’s soufflés require three different cheeses: gruyere, comte’ and parmesan. It is really worth the effort though because the finished dish is worth the effort..
After this marvellous dish Diane served a special salad: Curly Endive With Bacon. It is a wonderful salad and is a perfect accompaniment to the richness of the soufflé.
A perfect wine to accompany this wonderful meal is our wine from previous meals: the Pays D’Oc Cabernet Sauvignon from the vintner Fortant.

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