Diet Day With Blackened SEA BREAM

Yesterday, being Tuesday the first day of Diet Days, we enjoyed two fillets of local Sea Bream. Diane worked out that using a Cajun Blackened Fish recipe the seasoning can be purchased as a spice but does not have any calories in it. The fish of course is calorie free so it is perfect on these diet days. Besides being very low-cal and Diane and I like fish anyway it is like not being on a diet at all.
The name Blackened Fish comes from the fact that the fish is cooked over high heat plus the spices mean that the side against the frying pan gets almost black. Even though the side against the heat makes the fish look over-done because the fish is turned so quickly it has the flavour but certainly not the dry, over-cooked bad flavour.
After the fish I made a spinach salad with none of those good items that are also highly caloric.
I enjoyed a glass of clear, cold water which was enjoyed hugely.

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