A Kurdish Meal After Watching “Jersey Boys” at the movies

It was the height of simplicity for our meal last night after watching Jersey Boys at the movies that afternoon. The movie was a good look back for an old guy like me; a look back to the Sixties-my high school years and to a period just before heavier rock took over the San Francisco airwaves.

Diane had a lamb Pide which very basically is a Kurdish flat brad opened up and filled with chopped lamb, tomatoes and spices while I had Gozleme which is thin Kurdish pastry filled with, in this case, sliced vegetables and covered with a second bread layer and fried. This is how it is made by my recollection but if you look up the true recipe on the net I may have gotten it totally wrong. If so my apologies.

We indulged, even though it was a Diet Day, with five short pieces of Kurdish rolled filo pastry filled with chopped pistachios and this with a cup of Kurdish coffee was the perfect ending to a great afternoon and evening.

One thought on “A Kurdish Meal After Watching “Jersey Boys” at the movies

  1. Anne Farrell says:

    Yum, Tim! That sounds delicious! And glad you saw Jersey Boys. The play originated at the La Jolla Playhouse, which is right down the road from us. I saw it at the theater and loved it as a production as well as for the nostalgia. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the film, but now I think John and I should see it. If nothing else, the music is great!



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