Fresh Crabs for a Delicious Crab Feed!

Last Night was a Party Night so Diane made us her signature Manhattan with Wild Turkey bourbon. We did not have the coin to buy Rye so, poor us, we had to settle for bourbon. We had some dried olives with a little toasted bread to accompany the manhattans, all was well!

Last night was Friday night and Friday night is almost always Party Night. As always Sweet Diane takes it upon herself to make a party. She did so yesterday with a little difference in that at the market yesterday she picked up many goodies. The best were three fairly large Blue Swimmer Crabs. She cleaned them and served them with a little bottled sauce and some good bread. Sitting at the table we just broke the halves and enjoyed the meat inside.

We had the now compulsory salad to cleanse the taste buds and also complete watching the 13th Stage of the Tour De France.

At this point we enjoyed in honour of the race some more of the French cheese that was purchased earlier. After the cheese it was appropriate to have a small Sicilian Amaro.

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