Dim Sim at Chin’s with too many dishes (right here in Leeming)!

Some weeks ago our friend asked us to lunch at a restaurant very close by here in Leeming at a small shopping centre. Before you dismiss this place as just another cheap eats place for Anglos the story gets better. As we have read in the local paper for some reason about 11 years ago the guy did not want to keep working at our local big hotel. This hotel has got the states only gambling licence so it attracted many high rollers from Southeast Asia; Perth is closer than the bigger cities of the east coast. Almost all of these gamblers are Asian and primarily Chinese. He left the Burswood complex and settled here in Leeming and has not looked back; Chin’s is packed virtually anytime the Dim Sim is on so I guess the other times are packed also.

I cannot tell you all of the dishes we enjoyed but Diane implies that she borders on embarrassment at my appetite; it is not my appetite so much as my very old loathing of watching food being thrown out when it is left uneaten.

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