The Simplest of Pastas but the Tastiest!

Last night after a quiet day at home watching the showers blow in from the ocean together we put this delicious penne pasta dish together. While watching this stage of The Tour we followed a heartbreaking 239 kilometre attack by a young Kiwi cyclist who led the peloton for all that distance but lose the stage in the last 15 metres to older and stronger sprinters. It was an amazing yet very sad to see it unfold it the final seconds of such a long stage.

Anyway back to our dinner. It was a simple affair with no first course or second course and merely box wine as a beverage but these things happen infrequently around our rain-soaked house in Leeming. The sauce was tomato based with the usual trinity of suspects: olives, anchovies and capers. Diane had frozen a serve in the fridge and because it was liquidy we married it with some penne pasta so the sauce could penetrate the short tube which is why the pasta was made hollow. People laugh about the many shapes of Italian pasta but they are made that way because of the many types of sauce that have evolved over the centuries using different ingredients.

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