Diane visited a German deli in the German restaurant in which she ate Wed.

Yesterday evening we had a marvellous German meal made from the products Diane bought at the German restaurant/deli were the ladies had their Carer’s Meeting. The Carer’s are those fabulous people that take care of people whose MS has progressed to the point that the sufferer needs considerable care and I unfortunately have fallen into that category since the TN attack last November. Anyway, on to the food.

Diane started the meal (a postponed Friday Night Party) with a superb Sidecar with a delicious market product: Pastizzi of feta and spinach in a very light dough case.
This little Hors-d’oeuvre served hot was perfect with the Sidecar.
After this beginning Diane served a plate (only one potato each) of Royal Blue fries.
As if all of that is not enough, she served us each one Beechwood smoked Kasseler Pork Chop with Elmer’s Mustard Sauce. Along with the chop she served Red Cabbage Sauerkraut with onions. Also on the plate was a serve of Spaetzles topped with a gremolata of breadcrumbs, onion, pancetta, parsley and garlic.
And for dessert at the male’s request (I am sure that it has something to do with Germany) an excellent New Orleans’s recipe: Banana’s Foster with the Chef’s own ice cream. She makes it with: Vanilla, Walnuts and Banana liquor.
That’s enough for a party I think.

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