A Hamburger meal on Wednesday and Orange Roughy on Thursday

Wednesday was the middle day between the two diet days and we couldn’t decide exactly what to fix so we made the lamb burgers because Diane felt like having meat; however, my suggestion of Russian Meatballs with mustard sauce did not go down as well with her as it had with me. Her lamb burger with a slice of Haloumi on a Turkish bun tasted wonderful: that and a couple of glasses of beer completed a superlative meal.

On Thursday I returned to the kitchen making a very good, I’ve repeated it enough, Diet Day Orange Roughy with tomatoes and mushroom. I chop the tomatoes indiscriminately and add them to sliced mushrooms in the bottom of a medium baking dish over which chopped shallots have been sprinkled. I add heated stock and bake until the fish is done, about 15 minutes.
With the fish Diane roasted a baking pan of cut vegetables. I made a simple salad but I forgot that the salad was supposed to be dietary after I had already added some halved green olives. We enjoyed two glasses of box white wine and so a lovely evening was passed in our dear suburb.

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