Chicken Schnitzel and Spaetzle

Friday Night is Party Night (at least for two people) and Diane pulled the “cat out of the hat” as she usually does and came up with a wonderful meal based only on cupboard food.
We began with an “outasight” gin/vodka martini but because we did not have enough gin she added some of that wonderful Polish rye grass vodka just to round off the amounts. The Polish vodka has such a distinctive flavour that the gin did not have any tait of flavour at all: all that you could taste was that fulsome taste of the Polish vodka. With this delicious drink we eat some of our olives with some of the dried Italian variety.

Diane made our main course in keeping with the eastern European flavour of the evening. She made an old favourite: Chicken Schnitzel served with Spaetzle. Di made German mustard for the Schnitzel or the Spaetzle or both whichever the diner prefers.
We didn’t have an appropriate German wine; in fact any German wine at all, so we pretended the Schnitzel was Scaloppini so I opened another one of those delightful Sicilian whites Mandoleto from Catarratto; poor us!

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