Two dinners with one theme.

This is another two day post; things just get a little busy around here sometimes and I cannot get the right things completed.
The night before last I made a simple yet delicious pasta Putanesca which translates as prostitute’s pasta. Where the name comes from I do not know but it seems to me to be a sauce that was just waiting to be discovered. However, it is said to have originated as late as 1955 in Naples. The combination of tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovy’s is a natural in those southern areas of Italy where it was first noted. Because the sauce is quite liquid the pasta, I feel, should be penne pasta so that the sauce can readily penetrate into the hollow of the pasta. In any event it is one of my very favourite sauces. We had a glass of box wine and a simple salad to accompany the pasta.

Last night I talked Diane into making a pizza as there was none in the fridge.
She rolled out the pasta base herself and added a vegetarian topping and again I thought it was good but she swore off any further attempts because she did not think it was good enough. A glass of Italian beer and another simple salad rounded off a good meal.

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