Tues. Blackened Dory, Wed. Curry Leftovers, Thur. Baked Silver Cobbler

The Food Diary has been off-line for these past three days because of computer problems but because of the in-house chef who seconds as a master computer fixer all has returned to normal.

On Tuesday I fixed the Blackened Fish recipe with John Dory. John Dory is a much overlooked fish here in Western Australia; if you go by the price which usually is a fair indicator of ether the difficulty of obtaining the fish or its unpopularity with consumers. We found the fish delightful eating and I did not cook the fish to its “blackened” state so it was just pan fried lightly and tasted wonderful.

Wednesday we had exactly half of the delicious Punjabi Cashew Korma with all of the delights that accompanied the original meal earlier in the week.

On Thursday evening I made the baked fish recipe with Silver Cobbler; I was not enamoured of the dish because Silver Cobbler is too dense, too strong; it is not so in taste but in the density of its flesh. I must remember this and only use cobbler in Moroccan Tagines where the solid flesh can handle the strength of the flavourings.
We enjoyed a bowl of, perhaps, my favourite vegetables which are frozen peas and corn. As a cleanser we had a spinach salad with only mushrooms; the temptation is just too strong to add caloric extras to the salad

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