Polpettone is Italian for Meatloaf: vastly tastier, and interesting

Again last night Diane bettered herself with an Italian form of Meatloaf: something whose taste far surmounted the meatloaf tastes that were a part of my childhood. That is not to disparage my mother’s cooking for she was a very good cook but she never explored the delights of European cuisine and remained close to old fashioned cooking from Dad’s South and Her Midwest.

Diane made a Fennel and Carrot soap as our First Course

Her Second Course of Polpettone was made with: milk, bread crumbs, onion, Parmesan, canned tomatoes and about a pound of, in Diane’s recipe, lean beef mince and half pork mince. She also adds desiccated Italian mushrooms that have soaked in water. The ingredients are mixed and formed into a loaf and baked.
With this second course we had a serve of Roast Vegetables seasoned with a long shoot of Rosemary and unpeeled Garlic Cloves. The vegetables were simply cut up roughly and filled the bottom of a roasting pan with a small amount of olive oil sprinkled over them.

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