Hotdogs in the Afternoon and an involved salad in the Evening

Yesterday was rather different for us; we had a small lunch in the afternoon and a salad meal at night. I am very allergic to offal which is a main component of sausages so hotdogs have been off my menu for decades; however, yesterday I took a big chance and bought some buns and Diane bought some Hansa American dogs that turned out to be solid meat with no offal in them. Besides that they tasted marvelous with a beer and a bowl of potato chips a very pleasant afternoon was passed (Mother Nature contributed with sunny, warm afternoon that would not be out of place in the middle of summer.)

During the evening in order to make up for the caloric intake at lunch Diane made us a superb salad with lettuce and all the goodies that are missed if it is served on a diet day: olives, whole pecan halves, cranberries, homemade croutons, sliced Masdam cheese, tomatoes and avocado pieces. All of this beautiful salad was accompanied by a halved slice of lovely bread with Di’s tapenade and a glass of chilled box white.

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