A Semi-French meal oParty Night

Last night was Party Night and we celebrated as usual with food and beverage to match the evening. Diane made her signature Manhattan with Old Crow and some little toast pieces spread with her Tapenade—a perfect companion for the Manhattan.

After this excellent start to our evening it was further enriched with a serve of fried Field Mushrooms which tasted as good as the name implies.

After these delicious meal beginning’s the main course was brought to the table; the Chef decided to cook some of the Round Steak (Rump Steak) purchased the week before at the Fremantle Markets. Both of us felt that the meat was not up to the standard that we have learned to expect over the months; it was more than a little tough but did not make up for that toughness with added flavour as non-feedlot beef is wont to be.
With this Steak Diane the chef served some of her roasted root vegetables flavoured with rosemary branches laid on top of the roasting vegies and some unpeeled garlic gloves strewn over the those vegies.
Following this hot dishes we were served a delightful cleansing salad.
Our beverage of choice was an excellent yet inexpensive French wine from the Pays D’Oc by Fortant

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