Last night was a special night that only happens three times a year in the winter months of June, July and August; we missed July this year so it will be repeated, hopefully, sometime in the spring. I am sure that eating Blini does not require snow (which we have never had in Perth) but I imagine that Russian food should have short days and cold weather hence my crazy desire to equate it with the winter months.
Diane put together the Blini or small pancakes made with half wheat flour and half buckwheat flour with different items added to the top of the pancake. Our favourite toppings are always sour cream upon which can be added (our favourites): salmon pieces (Di likes salmon slices cut into small pieces, I like canned red salmon), Latvian Sprats, chopped Dill, Chopped Spring Onions, or any combination of the above.
With the Blini we always have salads or sides: last night Di made some heated Red Cabbage for herself and a sliced Cucumbers with Sour Cream.
As a beverage we had a jigger of the Bison Grass Vodka which is as superb as the bottle label extols. The vodka is really excellent and if you have seen Europe’s only remaining virgin forest as well as its only remaining herd of wild Bison then the combination of all three makes a heady brew. We only had a nip of the Bison Grass Vodka but we enjoyed a bottle of cold Minchinbury Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir to finish a brilliant meal.

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