FRIDAY NIGHT IS PARTY NIGHT: Pate’, Prawn Stir Fry, Salad & Banana’s Foster

Last night, being Party Night, called for a special meal and Diane as she always does provided just such a meal. We began with her signature Manhattan made with Old Crow and accompanied with Potato Chips and Dried Black Olives in memory of the Savoy Hotel in Florence, Italy. They served only chips but no olives. A special place to date before a pizza that was more in line with a student budget; working two jobs over the summer lines your pocket a little more though.

The lady that provides special pate’s in Australia, Maggie Beer, served up (from the super market) a particularly tasty one for our enjoyment last night: Pheasant Farm Pate’.

The main course was as delightful as you could imagine: Spicy Prawn Stir Fry. It is an old recipe that we took from the back of a Veta Olive Oil can; served with rice it is very good. It uses: lemon juice, chopped fresh coriander, garlic cloves crushed, cumin, turmeric and olive oil. Then arrives the now historic salad.

The last bit of this party was a special gift to me because the chef does not care for it too much: Banana’s Foster with her own special homemade walnut, choc bits and banana liquor ice cream. The Banana’s Foster requires: sliced length-wise whole bananas, brown sugar, banana liquor, plus some rum to flame at the end. Fosters is an old New Orleans restaurant where it was developed.

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