Diane and I had a marvellous meal at their house Saturday night; Margo is a wonderful cook and on that evening she spread her cooking somewhat to make us a delicious Asian meal. Neither Diane nor any of our friends experiment with Asian cooking at all because we have grown up with Mediterranean or in Margo’s case she married an Argentinean guy and that country basically follows European cooking traditions. Now, however, that her son who is a mining engineer in Laos I believe is drifting her cooking style towards Asiatic cuisine due to that change.

Saturday day night Margo prepared a delicious Asian influenced meal for three guests. The meal was composed of: an hors-d’oeuvre plate followed by Spring Rolls of very fresh ingredients, then the main of roasted chicken with an Asian sauce. She served a Thai influenced side of vegetables. The dessert was stewed pears with a spoon of, how you call it-either hardened cream or soften ice cream; however it was very tasty.
The meal was very appetizing and Margo should be proud of her accomplishments in her new cooking explorations.

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