MONDAY, AUGUST 25th A southern USA meal from New Orleans: “Hoppin’ John”

Yesterday was a unique meal for a couple of reasons: first it was a box meal which is all most never seen in the Johnson house and second it was a New Orleans’s meal which simply because of its origins mean that just walking into that city will mean that you leave far heavier-your waistline expands. There are few other places in the world that this phenomenon happens: anywhere in the US, or anywhere in Mexico; the first because of the plethora of fast food joints, the second because the food tastes so good.

Anyway, back to New Orleans and an outfit called Zatarains who produce old New Orleans’ favourites such as “Hoppin John” which is just beans and rice; in this case, Black Beans and Rice. This dish is known throughout the southern part of the US and is the main dish eaten in Cuba under a different name. I like Zat’s version because they season it well and usually, give and take the amounts and ingredients, this is what you’ll have: Black Eyed Peas, onion, capsicum, celery, chipolte pepper, garlic, thyme, oregano, paprika, pepper and bay leaf. To be frank I have not made Hoppin’ John from scratch but I will as an experiment this recipe sounds great.
We had a mixed spinach and lettuce salad with some olives and sliced tomatoes. The meal is inexpensive to make and filling to eat and I will be returning to it often.

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