Wednesday, August 27th and Diane shopped in the afternoon and as all good chefs do she returned with the freshest fish at the fishmongers. It was Australian Herring which we have never eaten although they say it is plentiful along the coast. They also say that it has nothing to do with its northern hemisphere namesake which is smaller and belongs to another family of fish all together. Its Australian name is Tommy Ruff. The name Ruff is widely known as a synonym for this fish; why it is called Tommy Ruff I do not know.
To begin our meal Diane made a luscious tapenade toast using bread baked at the New Norcia Monastery north of Perth in the deep country.
After this marvellous beginning Di brought out a serve of fried field mushrooms.
Then our main course of Sautéed Tommy Ruff with a sauce of lemon butter, thyme and the tapenade that she spreads on toast as an hors-d’oeuvre and it did as well for the fishe’s flavour as it did for the toast. As a side we finished the remainder of the roasted vegetables.
As a beverage we had two glasses of the very drinkable Verdelho from the Swan Valley.

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