NO DIET: PIZZA (before a Virgo Bash)

Thursday, August 28th
Last night was a definite break from our 2-5 Diet because tonite is going to be a big (if 7 people are constitute big) Virgo Bash. These three very old friends plus a very young looking wife, Diane, who make up this miscellaneous, grab bag collection of people, who tend to be a little snooty regarding the rest of the Zodiac. Further, one of the problems with this Virgo Bash is that there are too many guys who, being Virgos, tend to easily lose control: they can’t handle too much freedom and must be kept on a very short leash.
Diane, being a particularly grounded Virgo, has devised an excellent party for the loose-change Virgins (never was a more inept moniker attached to this motley group) attending tonight, minus the poor ever patient spouses. Her efforts today required a quiet day yesterday, hence the pizza in the evening. We tried to keep it calorie conscience during the day. Diane has made a wonderful party for the assembled virgins.

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