Monday September 22nd Leftover delicious Paella

Last night saw the repeat of a delicious Paella dinner that Chef Diane “whipped” up from pantry items as well as a few items from the fridge. As I have written before Paella always tastes better the day after it is first served because the many flavours concentrate and make the dish even better the second or third time.

This paella was made with a few rounds of sausage, some mall prawns, some round slices of Chorizo (Portuguese salami), and thumb-sized pieces of Chicken Thigh plus the flavourings of garlic, oregano and Spanish Smoked Paprika. You can see from the melding of the flavoursome items that the Paella dish will be a toothsome item.

For the next course the chef filled a shallow baking tray with cut fresh vegetables: a turnip, an onion, some cauliflower florets, pieces of various squashes and cubed potatoes and flavoured with stalks of fresh rosemary and garlic cloves strewn on top of the baking dish.

Unfortunately our rack did not contain an appropriate bottle of Sparkling Spanish beverage so we had to celebrate our 41st Anniversary with a bottle of French Methode Traditionnelle Cremant de Limoux of Grande Cuvee 1531. Suffice to say our 41st was celebrated to the max


Last night, Saturday September 20th, was a night of recovery for Yours Truly and a night of fridge clearing for Diane in preparation for her trip. Paella is the perfect dish for both occasions: it is a heartening dish for a person recovering from the Flu and it provides a meal with enough ingredients to reduce the amount of food in the fridge.
We will finish the second half of the pan tomorrow. Usually we have it during the warmer months as a dish that we can make outside over the BBQ but the inclement weather prevents any consideration of such a strange idea but the warmth is soon to return in Spades. (Last night was the warmest night on record and today it was overcast and rained all day).
As our beverage we enjoyed a Altos Riojan white De Origen Calificada: a lovely white but too much on the sweet side for us.

A German Meal

I am sorry that I have been away from my posts but the virus that the doctors have been warning about finally caught up with me even though I religiously get my flu needle each winter. I had a nice if strange day yesterday when I slept in the morning, slept after lunch and slept through dinner, very odd!

Luckily the evening before this came on Diane fixed an extremely tasty German meal composed of ingredients that she had purchased on an earlier trip to the Swan Valley, the area here in Perth that produces the Houghton’s wine that appears frequently in the libation section of this blog. She stopped at a place called Elmer’s and stocked up on these items: Garlic Bratwurst, Red Spiced Cabbage,
Pickles, Potato Salad, Bavarian style Spaetzle with crispy Onion Pancetta Topping, that Di made. It is all packet food but the combination was a taste delight for me; more trips to the Valley are definitely on the agenda after we return from our getaways a month or so from now.

I enjoyed two glasses of Italian beer with the meal

Birthday lunch at Kosta’s Cafe A Superb Dinner after the Re Store

I am having trouble with WordPress so I must rewrite too often.

Yesterday was Di’s birthday and we saw a photographic exhibition at the Art Gallery and the continued on to Kostas Cafe.

After buying some goodies at the Re Store Diane put the together last night. She made anantipasti platter of: Eggplant, Zuccini, Cracked Green Olives,Dried Black Olives, Provolone Cheese, Wagu Bressola, Bread with olive oil.
She went across the street and bought some delicious sweet bicchies.

A Trifecta of West Australian products

Saturday, September 13th
Today was a fascinating day; we went to Burswood and watched a superb show that was music from the era filled between the songs with spoken stories from the same era. The audience gave the performers a standing ovation at the end of the programme and it was well deserved. The show was called ROLLING THUNDER VIETNAM. Thankfully I, as opposed to the Australian guy in the drama, drew 174 so the horror of war passed me by but the music saturated the San Francisco radio waves so I knew every song most unforgettable being War, by Edwin Starr (my opinion.)

Our meal last night was two delicious lamb chops and a large serve of Di’s roasted veggies. This meal was accompanied by a few glasses of the Swan Valley’s Houghton’s Cabernet Sauvignon completing a perfect Trifecta of West Australian product.

Garides me Saltsa

Thursday, September 11th we went to a play in Northbridge and had Dim Sim at The Old Shanghia food hall where we had a marvellous meal of their little bits.

Friday, September 12th was our Party Night and Diane fixed an old favourite that we have eaten since arriving in Perth 40 years ago and prawns were almost a poor man’s food.
Di began the meal with a store pastizzi accompanied by her delectable Manhattan.
Her first course was a beauty and we just finished a duplicate in back on a clear and soft spring day. The meal/course consisted of: Grilled Watermelon, Grilled Haloumi Cheese, Olive, Spinach Salad with sliced cucumbers and her own dressing.
Our main course was an old favourite going back 40 years when we first arrived in Australia; its Greek name is Garides Me Saltsa or Shrimp with Feta and Tomatoes. The sauce requires: Olive oil, chopped onions, can of chppd. tomatoes, wht. wine, chppd. basil, parsley, and feta. It is a truly wonderful dish!
This delightful meal ended with a clean salad of chopped ripe tomatoes and cucumbers.
Of course this Greek meal had to be accompanied by a Greek wine and Diane’s choice was an inexpensive but perfect bottle of Tsantali White Retsina from Pavlos Halkidiki, Greece

I am sorry that I am late: curry, pizza, curry, pasta & fish

I have been away from this Blog for which I apologize. The meals were pretty mundane and I certainly “fell off the wagon” so to speak in terms of my low cal eating but for Saturday I have an excuse. Two friends came back from their yearlong ‘round Australia land cruise and they brought over three big pizzas which had to be eaten for the sake of good manners.
Friday, September 5 we had a Tika Curry
Saturday, Sept. 6 we had the pizza night with friends
Sunday, Sept. 7 we had leftover curry
Monday, Sept 8 we had Diane’s delicious spaghetti with a refrig. Tomato sauce
Tonight, Sept. 9 we had beautiful Green Spot Emperor fried with a little Cajun seasoning

KASHMIRI TIKKA MASALA–Dinner, September 5th

I am not including the 4th because it was at Tony Roma’s for their great but certainly not dietary ribs meal. I admit that they serve about the best rib’s meal that I have eaten so now I have an excuse to go because Di must have a reason to enter such a totally non-diet establishment. The reason is pretty flimsy; we get a few dollars off a meal if it is either hers or my birthday.

Last evening was another Indian meal with Street Kitchen; a different meal this time with different spices from a different region of India but very good just the same. We got the feeling in the market that the product was not selling well because the price had been knocked down on all the varieties so we bought one of each of the four (when you see a sale you must take advantage of it).

With this excellent packaged curry Diane severed some Jodhpur Yellow Dal which is also packaged but my favourite forms of Dal.

With Indian curry I find the best wine to serve is a nice cold white wine on the tart side so she opened a bottle of our own Swan Valley Houghton’s Chardonnay Verdelho; it was a perfect accompaniment: crisp and cold.


Our meal began with small pieces of toasted sour dough bread from a local baker spread with Di’s olive tapenade.

After all of the superb cooking that Diane did for the Virgo Bash it was appropriate that there be some left over ingredients and those ingredients were put to good use with tonight’s meal. We had some cream and kitchen stocks of hard cheese and butter for adding to the tortellini. There is a particularly good producer of tortellini made with various fillings that our local Italian provedore recommends higher than home-made and she is so right!

Our choice of beverage was an inexpensive yet totally satisfying bottle of Toscano red called DOGAJOLO from Carpinetto. It tastes like full-bodied Chianti and it is made in Tuscany of Sangiovese grapes but for some reason that remains hidden to me they cannot refer to themselves as Chianti.


Last evening, being a Diet Evening, we had a scrumptious but fairly easy meal except for the potatoes. The potatoes as anybody knows who has had to cube them is not hard just tiring. The Chicken is an old favourite around here which consists of a chicken thigh braised in light stock flavoured with: a crushed garlic clove and rosemary. In the same baking dish add batons of carrots, cauliflower sprigs and sliced capsicum.
My glass of water was particularly enticing!