KASHMIRI TIKKA MASALA–Dinner, September 5th

I am not including the 4th because it was at Tony Roma’s for their great but certainly not dietary ribs meal. I admit that they serve about the best rib’s meal that I have eaten so now I have an excuse to go because Di must have a reason to enter such a totally non-diet establishment. The reason is pretty flimsy; we get a few dollars off a meal if it is either hers or my birthday.

Last evening was another Indian meal with Street Kitchen; a different meal this time with different spices from a different region of India but very good just the same. We got the feeling in the market that the product was not selling well because the price had been knocked down on all the varieties so we bought one of each of the four (when you see a sale you must take advantage of it).

With this excellent packaged curry Diane severed some Jodhpur Yellow Dal which is also packaged but my favourite forms of Dal.

With Indian curry I find the best wine to serve is a nice cold white wine on the tart side so she opened a bottle of our own Swan Valley Houghton’s Chardonnay Verdelho; it was a perfect accompaniment: crisp and cold.

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