Garides me Saltsa

Thursday, September 11th we went to a play in Northbridge and had Dim Sim at The Old Shanghia food hall where we had a marvellous meal of their little bits.

Friday, September 12th was our Party Night and Diane fixed an old favourite that we have eaten since arriving in Perth 40 years ago and prawns were almost a poor man’s food.
Di began the meal with a store pastizzi accompanied by her delectable Manhattan.
Her first course was a beauty and we just finished a duplicate in back on a clear and soft spring day. The meal/course consisted of: Grilled Watermelon, Grilled Haloumi Cheese, Olive, Spinach Salad with sliced cucumbers and her own dressing.
Our main course was an old favourite going back 40 years when we first arrived in Australia; its Greek name is Garides Me Saltsa or Shrimp with Feta and Tomatoes. The sauce requires: Olive oil, chopped onions, can of chppd. tomatoes, wht. wine, chppd. basil, parsley, and feta. It is a truly wonderful dish!
This delightful meal ended with a clean salad of chopped ripe tomatoes and cucumbers.
Of course this Greek meal had to be accompanied by a Greek wine and Diane’s choice was an inexpensive but perfect bottle of Tsantali White Retsina from Pavlos Halkidiki, Greece

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