A German Meal

I am sorry that I have been away from my posts but the virus that the doctors have been warning about finally caught up with me even though I religiously get my flu needle each winter. I had a nice if strange day yesterday when I slept in the morning, slept after lunch and slept through dinner, very odd!

Luckily the evening before this came on Diane fixed an extremely tasty German meal composed of ingredients that she had purchased on an earlier trip to the Swan Valley, the area here in Perth that produces the Houghton’s wine that appears frequently in the libation section of this blog. She stopped at a place called Elmer’s and stocked up on these items: Garlic Bratwurst, Red Spiced Cabbage,
Pickles, Potato Salad, Bavarian style Spaetzle with crispy Onion Pancetta Topping, that Di made. It is all packet food but the combination was a taste delight for me; more trips to the Valley are definitely on the agenda after we return from our getaways a month or so from now.

I enjoyed two glasses of Italian beer with the meal

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