Last night, Saturday September 20th, was a night of recovery for Yours Truly and a night of fridge clearing for Diane in preparation for her trip. Paella is the perfect dish for both occasions: it is a heartening dish for a person recovering from the Flu and it provides a meal with enough ingredients to reduce the amount of food in the fridge.
We will finish the second half of the pan tomorrow. Usually we have it during the warmer months as a dish that we can make outside over the BBQ but the inclement weather prevents any consideration of such a strange idea but the warmth is soon to return in Spades. (Last night was the warmest night on record and today it was overcast and rained all day).
As our beverage we enjoyed a Altos Riojan white De Origen Calificada: a lovely white but too much on the sweet side for us.

One thought on “Paella

  1. Anne Farrell says:

    I hope you are feeling better Tim!!!

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