Monday September 22nd Leftover delicious Paella

Last night saw the repeat of a delicious Paella dinner that Chef Diane “whipped” up from pantry items as well as a few items from the fridge. As I have written before Paella always tastes better the day after it is first served because the many flavours concentrate and make the dish even better the second or third time.

This paella was made with a few rounds of sausage, some mall prawns, some round slices of Chorizo (Portuguese salami), and thumb-sized pieces of Chicken Thigh plus the flavourings of garlic, oregano and Spanish Smoked Paprika. You can see from the melding of the flavoursome items that the Paella dish will be a toothsome item.

For the next course the chef filled a shallow baking tray with cut fresh vegetables: a turnip, an onion, some cauliflower florets, pieces of various squashes and cubed potatoes and flavoured with stalks of fresh rosemary and garlic cloves strewn on top of the baking dish.

Unfortunately our rack did not contain an appropriate bottle of Sparkling Spanish beverage so we had to celebrate our 41st Anniversary with a bottle of French Methode Traditionnelle Cremant de Limoux of Grande Cuvee 1531. Suffice to say our 41st was celebrated to the max

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