My Apologies for being away for nearly four weeks

The explanation is a fairly long one on Diane’s part; on my part it was simple: I had to go to a Respite facility in Bunbury while Di was away in California visiting her mother.

After last October I can no longer stay by myself here in Leeming so I had to go to this respite centre while she was away.  The centre was custom built for its purpose and therefore it is roomy inside with easy rooms to access and because it only takes a maximum of six clients with two staff changing in the afternoon to two new staff with one for the night period it is easy to see how well the clients are cared for throughout the twenty four hours of the day.

Because this blog touts itself as a food blog I will say a few words about the meals that MS clients can expect.  These marvellous women who staffed the facility at lunchtime and others at dinnertime, with the exception of two male Carers, cooked home style meals; meals as they would fix their families.  In no particular order I enjoyed: homemade pizza, mild Curry, penne with a tomato meat sauce, mixed bean stew, baked fish, sausage pieces with onions and sautéed chicken pieces with vegetables.

Generally at lunch it was pretty much what people requested and as long as it was within reason these wonderful people would accommodate the request.

In my three week stay I met 18 different people who came into the facility as carer’s and to a person they were professional, caring, very knowledgeable and personable.  The MS Society has really got it together regarding staffing and operating such a facility.

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