A Greek Meal–take two

Diane has decided to make a series of Greek meals: because 1) they taste so good and 2) the season is warming up into summer. Therefore, she started her meal with Tahina Dip and stuffed Grapevine Leaves (Dolmadakia).

Her second course was a delicious variation of an old favourite for BBQ meals even though this one was in door because the evening air is still not conducive to a dinner BBQ. We have used Haloumi prepared this way but the local market offered kasseri cheese specifically for Fried Cheese or Saganaki; one of my favourite BBQ courses. It is simple in that you only need to obtain a cheese that is hard like haloumi or kasseri that can be brushed with olive oil and then dusted with flour before being fried on a hot griddle or pan.

The main course was a luscious eggplant dish where the eggplant is halved and scooped out to which are added chopped onion, garlic and chopped mushrooms. These items are fried and cubes of feta are added before refilling the eggplant. Slices of tomato are laid on top and the dish is baked. It is filling and makes a great main course.
Diane made a delicious refrigerated Greek salad to accompany this Greek meal.

My only sorrow was that we had drunk all of the Greek white wines so we relied on an excellent domestic white wine.

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