A Spanish dinner in the middle of Greek dinners

Many of these as well as many others are from an old 1976 cookbook that we bought soon after migrating: Spanish Regional Cookery by Anna MacMiadhachain. It is an interesting, useful cook book if you can find a copy of it.

Probably because the week’s stresses had culminated on the shoulders of the strong chef of our home she decided to make a familiar Spanish meal that was tried ‘n true. There were certainly no complaints from the other person at the table. Diane began the meal with a plate of nibbles: slices of Parmagiano (not Spanish but we had no Zamorano or any other hard cheese,) a slice of Jamon Serrano (like prosciutto only better) and two types of olives (our olive recipe but someone else’s brand of olives) and Artichoke pieces with mayonnaise (Alcachofa con Mayonesa.)

Diane’s second course was Migas Andaluzas (fried bread cubes with spices.)

The main course arrived next and it is a beauty: Lamb Stew from Jerez (Calderete de cordero.) This is an old favourite recipe that always turns out: cubed spring lamb, the usual southern European flavourings except with this recipe you must add sherry to the water that initially cooks the meat and then after pouring that liquid out and more sherry to the meat and cook for one hour at least.
As a side, Diane finely slices potatoes and fries them in olive oil and about half way through the frying she chops and adds a good amount of oregano to the potatoes.

Our meal was highlighted by, not a Spanish wine but a ’06 bottle of Cypriot wine: KTHMA KEO, Cabernet Sauvignon

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